Choosing Your New Door Is Easier Than You Think

We give you the freedom to design, with the support of our experienced designers and craftsmen. The result? Individually handcrafted doors, built to your exact specifications. With exclusive and unique designs you can have your desired style, without compromise. 

We believe in fulfilling homeowners’ dreams with one-of-a-kind, expertly handcrafted garage doors that provide stunning curb appeal.  No design style is too complex, no vision too difficult to capture. Whether you want doors from existing contemporary or classic designs, or something wholly original, time and again we have delivered what clients dream for their homes.

1. Pick Your Door Design

Our craftsmen understand the strength and beauty of the Wood Collection is defined by the materials we used and the integrity of the design. These door are designed to an exacting aesthetic and standard that complement a wide range fo contemporary style homes from neoclassical to post modern.

Whatever the style of your home, Carriage House doors will bring an added dimension of beauty and a lifetime of value.

Carriage House Door Company has hundred of design options available in standard and custom sizes. To see our complete collection of designs, Contact Us or see your Carriage House Door Company dealer.

2. Pick Your Materials

Stain Grade

A stain-grade door uses woods that will look beautiful when stained or painted.  Stain will bring out the natural beauty and color of any wood product, and produces the look and feel of a furniture-quality finish on wood garage doors.

No matter which wood or stain you choose, we ensure that every piece of wood we use breathes life and luster into the doors we craft.  From the distinctive qualities of the wood you choose, to the finish and customizations you select, no door in the world will be like yours.

Paint Grade

Paint grade doors are an affordable, durable, and easy-to-maintain option. Wood composites have a smooth, flat surface finish, and paint is the only true option to produce an immaculate overall look.

Face Options
MDO Plywood
No groove or 1/4″ wide – 6″ on center groove

5/8″ Extira Wood Composite

3. Pick Your Textures

Paint Grade (Smooth Only)
Paint Grade Smooth
Stain Grade

• Smooth
• Resawn
• Wire Brush

4. Pick Your Textures

Carriage House offers many glass options from which to choose. Clear and lightly tinted panes offer an abundance of natural light. Darker tints and pronounced textures offer greater privacy. Whatever style door you choose, woe have just the right glass to enhance its beauty – from clean and contemporary to rustic and antique.

5. Pick Your Hardware

The right hardware can make all the difference in creating a design that demands attention, or blend elegantly and seamlessly into the aesthetic of the home. We offer several lines of hardware styles tailored to many notable styles, and are also happy to obtain any other style of hardware you may desire.

Carriage House Door Company has a complete collection of hardware. To see the many options available, please Contact Us or see your Carriage House Door Company dealer.

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