Top 5 Reasons Why Replacing a Garage Door Is a Smart Move

Top 5 Reasons Why Replacing a Garage Door Is a Smart Move

Most people have a wish list for their home before they even start looking for their dream house, but most of us don’t even think to include the garage door in this list, and that’s a huge mistake. Not only is the garage door the most used door in a home (most homeowners will open their garage doors around 1,500 times per year), but there are also many benefits of adding a new garage door. Read on to learn why replacing a garage door is a smart investment for anyone.

1. The return on investment is huge!

Not only is your return on investment close to 98%* when replacing with a high quality garage door (which is enough to convince almost anyone it’s a good idea), but it’ll also add value to the home for potential buyers or for appraisers during a refinance. Having a brand-new garage door with a warranty gives you peace of mind when it comes to the garage.

2. It’s a quick fix to raise a home’s curb appeal

The first impressions people form when they see a home are triggered from the front and garage doors. In a world where homeowners often choose plain colors for their home’s trim, garage doors can act as statement pieces and add to the outer ambiance of a home. Whether you’re looking for traditional ranch-style doors with no glass, a country-barn look, or a more modernist feel, we recommend Carriage House Door Company for a wide selection of garage doors made from the most premier quality materials. Upgrading a garage door really changes a home’s whole appearance.

3. It’s just more efficient—period!

Did you know the average American spends about two hours or more per week in their garage, and that’s not including people who use it as a living or workspace? A high-quality, garage door can be the difference between functioning at peak efficiency versus a basic, cheap aluminum garage door that allows too much heat or cold to enter the space. Plus, defective garage doors can even be the source of flooding in the rainy season, causing a ton of other problems, too. Upgrading a garage door will save the homeowner headaches and money each month by bringing those energy bills down.

4. Vehicles’ (and the home’s) safety instantly increases

Many garage doors are broken into by lifting the panel out or up, leaving high costs to fix rails, mounting hardware, or even ruined springs. Replacing an older door will immediately make a home safer because newer garage doors have automatic lock features that can easily be accessed via mobile app. Keypads and other locking devices can also be added with a new door for added safety.

5. It’s easier to use

As a garage door gets older, it starts to wear and can sometimes get stuck or have other issues. Replacing it with a new version that’s not made of cheap aluminum will give you years and years of use without any worry.

*Remodeling Magazine 2019 Cost vs Value Report

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