Fire Rated

Garage Doors

Carriage House Door Company is proud to offer superior garage door products that offer a level of fire protection seldom found in the doors offered by other companies.

Carriage House Doors are Fire Rated

At Carriage House Door Company, we dedicate ourselves to crafting doors that are not only of unsurpassed beauty, but help to ensure the safety of homeowners as well.

This is why we offer fire-rated custom wood garage doors that meet the guidelines established by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal. Our doors are tested in accordance with the SFM Standard 12-7A-1 (Wildland-Urban Interface Code - WUI) for exterior wall siding and sheathing, and were found to successfully meet the conditions for specified acceptance.

View our fire-rated listings on the OSFM website.


Custom Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Carriage House fire-rated garage doors are custom made and available in a number of materials including:

  • Westerm Red Cedar
  • STK Incense Cedar
  • 5/8” MDO
  • Mahogany
  • Douglas Fir
  • Redwood
  • 5/8” Breckenridge
  • 1/2“ Marine Mahogany
  • Steel
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