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Brooklyn Contemporary Door


Materials: Stainless steel The Brooklyn is the distillation of the most contemporary and modern elements of the architecture found in New York City’s most populous borough. For designers seeking to produce the modern charm of an industrial loft, the bold use of staggered steel panels—embellished with lag screws—may well make the Brooklyn the perfect centerpiece.

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Belmont Contemporary Door


Materials: Vertical grain clear western red cedar and bronze-tinted glass While the Bellmont is a showpiece on any home, its unassuming design and uninterrupted full-width vertical grain clear western red cedar beams is especially impressive on large estate homes, such as those emblematic of the large estates of Palo Alto, as well as the San

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Belize Contemporary Door


Materials: IPE lumber, copper, and bronze-tinted glass The Belize was designed with the goal of recreating the sensorium of island life and faraway places, particularly the stunning archipelago of islands just off the Caribbean coast of Belize. Crafted with large bronze-tinted glass windows which ensure an uninterrupted view of palm trees and white sand beaches—spaced

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Bali Contemporary Door


Materials: Fiji mahogany and dark bronze anodized aluminum There are moments when a craftsperson is fortunate enough to work with materials which captivate the mind and soul through their own natural beauty. This is the case with the Bali—crafted as an homage to the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House—which adopts a contemporary

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Aspen Contemporary Door


Materials: Vertical grain Douglas fir with sky blue laminate glass The 8,000-foot-high views commanded by residents of Vail, Colorado—and anyone fortunate enough to enjoy similarly lofty perspectives—demand a door that measures up to the contemporary mountain architecture of the homes found there. The Aspen is built with vertical grain Douglas fir, delicately interrupted with narrow

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Vail Contemporary Door


Materials: Black anodized aluminum with white laminate glass For those who seek a garage door design that embodies contemporary architecture, but in a relaxed and measured manner, the Vail achieves this beautifully. White laminate glass panels are set in black anodized aluminum frames, embracing the minimalistic, light-weight qualities of glass while still offering complete privacy

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