Custom Finishing

Now Available in the Midwest & East Coast

  • Turn-key = product + finish shipped complete for installation.
  • Easier and faster than finishing on site.
  • Superior durability and protection.
  • Enhanced beauty and quality.

Garage Door Finishes

There’s an unmistakable beauty to custom wood-finish garage doors. These garage doors are made to complement the home’s architecture and to enhance its curb appeal.  Carriage House Door Company offers 8 classic colors, can create a custom color, or our craftsman can color match.


Weathered Wood


Early American


American Walnut



Carbon Black

Samples above are on Clear Western Red Cedar. Different wood species will have different results.

Natural 1

Natural 2

Natural 3

Natural 4

These samples illustrate how wood tones vary and colors throughout the door may not be completely uniform in appearance.

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Benefits of Factory Finish

  • A beautiful and smooth long-lasting finish - a door finished on site often has to battle other contractors, constant dust and adverse weather conditions.
  • Tried and tested products – Our expert craftsman have 20+ years of experience and they know what products work and how to apply them.
  • Fully sealed – often when doors are finished in the field edges can be missed and the overall integrity of the finish can be lacking.
  • 2 Year Warranty if factory finished.

Limited 2 Year Warranty Exclusions to Coverage

This warranty does not extend to defects or damages resulting from any of the following:

  • Paint or stain not applied per manufacturer specifications
  • Frequent exposure to water i.e. (Washing with hose, sprinklers)
  • Normal fading or discoloration from age or UV exposure
  • Improper use or abuse
  • Failure to follow maintenance instructions
  • Application of unapproved products
  • Exposure to foreign substance or chemicals
  • Improper installation or handling
  • Extreme weather conditions i.e. (hail, fire, high winds, etc.)
  • Acts of God
  • Vandalism

Our Custom Color Match Process

Our craftsman are also experts in color matching. We offer a seamless and highly attentive color matching experience. Gone are the days of not getting the colors and results you are expecting.


1. Color Matching

Mixing custom colors can take longer than the average order because we're committed to getting it right. The process for formulating unique combinations of specialty bases and pigments takes time, so be sure that your production schedule is open on this extra work! To get started once you place an order just send us a color swatch.

2. Color Approval

Carriage House Door ships the color sample back to you for your review and approval. If you are not 100% happy with the color matching, simply send the pieces back to us and we will re-work the matching process.


3. Garage Door Finishing

Once the approval has been received, our mixing experts will create a custom finish based on the final approved combinations (we will need to have the approved color sample before the door can be schedule for production).  Once the finish is created, our experts will finish and seal the door*.

*Please note that there may be slight variations to the door due to the stain batch and wood batch.

Care Instructions

Each Carriage House garage door is a statement piece for your home and a unique and beautiful piece of art. Proper care of your door will help to prolong your investment and maintain the beauty and durability of your door. Following is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for the proper care of your door.

Do's : Proper care for your door.

  • Clean the horizontal edges of your door every 1-3 months with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Clean the door fully every 6-12 months with a mild soapy water (Dawn is recommended) and microfiber cloths
  • Have your door fully refinished every 12-24 months depending on exposure to sun and moisture
  • Check for environmental conditions that could damage your door, i.e. (sprinklers hitting your door, a broken gutter, water pooling at the bottom of your door after it rains, etc.)
  • Reach out to Carriage House door if you notice any issues or have any questions about the maintenance and care of your door. 

Dont's : The following actions may void your warranty.

  • Wash your door down with a hose or power washer
  • Wait too long between maintenance coats
  • Apply furniture wax or polish to your door
  • Clean your door with any chemical other than a mild soapy water
  • Apply any finish not approved by Carriage House Door
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