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Savannah Wood Door


Materials: Clear western red cedar beadboard face, ⅝” wood composite trim, ogee edge detail, and seedy glass. Rocky Mountain Hardware knockers with silicon bronze rust patina. The design of the Savannah garage door draws upon the neoclassical Antebellum architecture of the Deep South of the 19th century. Beadboard facing is used to excellent effect to […]

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Santorini Wood Door


Materials: Reclaimed barn wood treated with textured distressed finish. Also features salvaged nails and Santorini Knockers. The Santorini has been created with specific sight and sound in mind: a warm, salt-tanged day on the Grecian coast of the Aegean Sea, a region known for its rustic Mediterranean architecture. Reclaimed gray barn wood has been treated

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Riviera Wood Door


Materials: Clear western red cedar louvered facing, clear western red cedar trim, and applied bullnose molding. The Riviera utilizes teardrop siding and closed louvers to create a door that is a fusion of Southern plantation-style architecture with that of the coastal towns of the French Riviera. The Riviera can be used for an excellent effect

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Pasadena Wood Door


Materials: ½” Joubert marine mahogany plywood face, mahogany trim, custom stained-glass windows and hammered copper handles The Pasadena is an exemplar of the American Arts and Crafts movement, particularly as it was embodied in homes and bungalows designed by Greene & Greene in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Pasadena garage door shows

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Ojai Wood Door


Materials: ⅝” MDO plywood face with ⅝” wood composite trim. Cambridge strap hinges and Barcelona knockers The design of the Ojai draws upon the Spanish Colonial architecture of the Ojai Valley, Southern California’s self-styled “Shangri-La.” With weathered, rustic look, and the choice of regal-looking strap hinges and Barcelona knockers, the result is a garage door

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Napa Wood Door


Materials: Clear western red cedar facing and trim, ogee edge detail, and Barcelona hinge straps, handles and clavos. The Napa is an excellent example of how the same materials can be used to produce strikingly distinct designs. Red cedar and clavos used to craft the Casablanca—a reflecting the Moorish architecture of Spain’s Andalusian region—have been

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