Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color

Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color

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Coordinating the colors of the garage door, front door and the rest of the home’s exterior is a common dilemma for homeowners. Most homes feature three different color groups — the siding is one color, the trim is a second color, and the doors and shutters are a third color. There are naturally exceptions, especially for Victorians and other historic homes, which have their own conventions when it comes to colors.

When considering garage and front door color combinations, here are some quick tips to pick the perfect garage door for your home:

1. Account for the material. If a material is already decided for doors, that material will help determine what colors will be available. Wood doors, for example, may have more color choices than steel ones. 

2. Examine the colors in various lights. When picking a color for a front door and garage door, get an idea of how the colors appear during different times of the day. The angle of the sun can drastically affect the look of a color. For example, a door painted red may look the color of a fire truck at noon, but more of a rusty color when the sun sets. Try looking at the colors you’re considering in bright and lower lights.

3. Paint both the garage door and entry door the same color. This tip is similar to matching belt and shoe color. Think of your front door, garage door and shutters as accessories and paint them all the same color. This foolproof method will pull the home together. As mentioned above, aim to select three main colors for the exterior. These colors will look best if you choose a neutral hue for the siding, a slightly darker or brighter shade of that same color for the trim, and an accent color for the shutters and doors.

4. Paint doors a color that complements a home’s main color. First, pick a main color that is suitable for the home’s style and location. Then choose complementary colors for the doors and other details. This will provide a contrast that will make your home look gorgeous. For the main color, a more neutral color usually works best. The complementary colors for the smaller details can be bolder.

5. Pick a contrasting color that pops. Wanting the house to really stand out in the neighborhood?  Choose a more vibrant color scheme. Just make sure it isn’t too flashy. A suggestion is to a less common color that accentuates the home. For example, paint the garage door black or front and garage door bright yellow. Depending on the house, even a pretty blue could look interesting.

6. Decorative hardware should complement the exterior’s style and color.  Match decorative hardware and other metal accents to one style. It is not enough to just stick to either the main brass or steel tone, because these metals themselves can be brushed, lacquered or polished for a wide selection of textures and tones.

Every piece does not necessarily have to be marketed as a specific style or period. Get a feel for the general characteristics of hardware you like on the entryway door, and use your judgment to select matching pieces.

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