Creative architectural accent pieces can be used to wonderful effect to create a desired feel, style, or atmosphere for a home. This is why Carriage House Doors offers drive gates, walkway gates, and shutters that are built with the same creative influences, quality craftsmanship, and premium quality materials as our namesake carriage doors. We can custom design and build a gate or shutter to match other elements of your home, or as a unique showpiece that stands on its own merits.

Drive Gates

Your gate represent the boundary between the chaos of the outside world, and the comfort of your estate. For those who wish to mark this boundary with the care and attention it deserves, our drive gates are made with the same premier quality materials that are used to craft our celebrated garage doors. Choose from red cedar, clear heart redwood, mahogany, aluminum, cortan, stainless steel, custom rod iron work, and a host of other inspiring materials. Our fully customizable gates are not just beautiful, but tough as well. All drive gates are built on a frame made from 1 ½” by 1 ½” steel and is certain to stand the test of time.

Walkway Gates

Whether driving into your home or returning from a walk, every time you see your home should feel like the first. Our walkway gates offer the same splendor and luxurious design as our garage doors. Gates less than four feet in diameter are made from solid wood or composite materials, while gates over four feet are built around a rigid steel frame that will ensure long-lasting durability and operation. We also offer the option of installing stationary fence panels for extra wide walkways. Match your gate to your garage door, drive gate, or front door, or opt for a design that is truly unique and will capture your imagination the first time, and every time you see it.


Whether you’re looking to match your new Carriage House Door garage door, drive gates, or want a unique accent for your home, our shutters are made with an emphasis on care and craftsmanship. We offer both solid construction and entry-door style shutters, made from either solid wood or contemporary materials.

Our Hardware

The right hardware can make all the difference in creating a design that demands attention, or blend elegantly and seamlessly into the aesthetic of the home. We offer several lines of hardware styles tailored to many notable styles, and are also happy to obtain any other style of hardware you may desire.

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