High Performance,

Long-Lasting Material

Now, there’s an alternative to wood that outperforms traditional materials, with greater durability, workability and longevity. StableWood™ from Carriage House Door Company is a new generation of high-performance hybrid PVC building material ideal for high moisture applications.

Gorgeously durable, completely sustainable, and capable of exquisite craftsmanship, StableWood™ offers all the benefits of natural wood composite substitutes with added moisture resistance.

An Alternative Indistinguishable from Wood

StableWood™ is one a newest materials brought to you from Carriage House Door Company. StableWood™ is a great alternative to wood because of the following benefits:

Unmatched Durability

  • 100% resistant to water, weather, pests, and rot
  • High UV and fire-resistance
  • No splintering or cracking
  • Insect Resistant

Natural Beauty

  • Warm look and feel of wood
  • Natural-looking grain
  • Wide range of finishing options including sand, paint, and stain


  • Made in USA
  • Free of phenol, formaldehyde, and adhesives
  • 100% recyclable

Advantages of StableWood

Moisture Resistant
The high silica content of StableWood™ makes it 100% water-resistant. No matter how wet it gets, it will not rot, crack, warp, or attract mold.

High UV and Fire Resistance
StableWood™ is designed to naturally protect against the impact of UV and is fire-resistant.

Lasting Colors and Durability
Durable, completely sustainable, and capable of customized craftsmanship, StableWood™ offers all the benefits of natural wood composite substitutes with added moisture resistance.

Get all the Customization of Wood, with the Ease of StableWood™

There is no limit to what is possible. Work with us on your ideal door design. Whether you want a showpiece that catches the eye, a modern masterpiece, a traditional design, or a door that blends into your neighborhood, we have the customization capability to make your vision a reality.

StableWood Garage
StableWood Garage
StableWood Garage

Recommended Coatings & Finishing Tips

We recommend using a water-based paint, stain, or sealer on StableWood™ products. Below is a list of finish manufacturers and products that have passed paint-manufacturer testing standards. The guarantees associated with each manufacturer apply.

For recommended specialty paint and stain applications, primers are not required. Please refer to manufacturer specifications for specific details.


Specialty Paints

Paint with Solar Reflective Pigments for extended color range.

  • Recommended for vertical applications
  • full spectrum of color options offered by manufacturer
  • 15-year warranty
  • Purchase at

Exterior Stain

  • Recommended for vertical applications
  • Semi-transparent
  • 15-year warranty
  • Purchase at
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Lighter Paint Colors Only Must have a light reflective value (LRV) of above 55 Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex
Medium - Dark and Custom Colors Not available at most retail locations. Available online at: Water-Based Solar Reflective Coatings

StableWood™ Paint Type Guidelines

If you’re still not finding the color you want or need additional information on what paint types can be used with StableWood™, please refer to the chart. Always make sure your paint is 100% water-based (acrylic) and suitable for exterior application.

LRV - Light Reflective Value

The LRV number represents the percentage of light reflected by a color. The higher the LRV number, the more light is reflected. The lower the LRV number, the more light is absorbed. To help understand this scale, true white has an LRV rating of 100 and true black has an LRV rating of 0.

Exterior Trim and Siding are constantly exposed to sunlight. When not reflected, light absorbed as energy and is converted to heat. Excessive heat can cause trim and siding to expand and contract. This can result in bowing, buckling, or deforming of the product.

StableWood™ X
Other Available Products*

*Extira Wood Composite and other options are available for custom projects

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